Collection of Books: Asia
July 8, 2018
Estimate: $80 - $100
Lot 23
Collection of 22 books pertaining to the art and history of countries in Asia, including China, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, and Thailand; comprising Chinese Furniture (Hardwood Examples of the Ming and Early Ch'ing Dynasty) by R. H. Ellsworth; Chinese Ivory Sculpture by Warren E. Cox, signed and editioned 493/1250; Art of the Japanese Screen by Elise Grilli; Masterpieces of Japanese Sculpture by J. Edward Jr. Kidder; Chinese Ceramics, Bronzes and Jades: In the Collection of Sir Alan and Lady Barlow by Michael Sullivan; Angkor: An Illustrated Guide to the Monuments by Jean Laur; 1957 LACMA catalog for The Arts of the T'ang Dynasty; Treasures of the Shosoin published by Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co. Tokyo; Art from Ritual: Ancient Chinese Bronze Vessels from the Arthuer M. Sackler Collections by Dawn Ho Delbanco; Catalogue of the Le Blond Collection of Corean Pottery by Bernard Rackham for the Victoria and Albert Museum; and others
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