Collection of Chinese, Japanese & Chinoiserie-Style Items
January 15, 2017, 11AM PST
Estimate: $300 - $400
Lot 35
Large collection of 31 Chinese, Japanese and chinoiserie-style items, including: large flowering "tree" with blanc de chine figure of Guanyin to rectangular planter; assorted red lacquer and lacquer-like items, including four snuff bottles, covered box and foliate dish; blue and white porcelain vase; enameled porcelain jar; set of four painted lacquer panels; blanc de chine porcelain figure of Guanyin; carved soapstone covered vessel with Fo lion design; together with various pieces of porcelain tableware, including seven various cups, eight various plates and saucers, and a covered vessel; Provenance: Estate of Stephanie Splevin; H: 27" (tallest)
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