Three Antique Woodblock Prints: Kunitsuna, Yoshimori & Sadahide
Sunday, August 14, 2016, 11AM PDT
Estimate: $300 - $375
Lot 10
Three antique Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints: scene of figures crossing a bridge entitled 'Sweet White Rice Wine' by Utagawa Kunitsuna (1805-1868), from the 'Scenic Places of the Tokaido' series; 'Seta Bride' by Utagawa Yoshimori (1830-1884), depicting figures densely packed on a bridge marching under a tall banner, from the Processional Tokaido series; and with scene of a marching army meandering along a winding road, probably part of a triptych from a Tokaido series by Utagawa Sadahide (1807-1873); all signed and with seals; all vertical oban size
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