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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Lot of Three European Crystal Objects PASS
2 Set of Chinese Cloisonne Enameled Bells PASS
3 Chinese Guan Type Ceramic Vase PASS
4 Large Japanese Satsuma Goldfish Bowl PASS
5 Antique Indian Brass Male Figure PASS
6 Two Japanese Objects PASS
7 Three Antique Japanese Metal Candlesticks PASS
8 Antique Japanese Woodblock Print by Hiroshige & Toyukuni III PASS
9 Two Antique Japanese Woodblock Prints by Toyukuni 80
10 Japanese woodblock Triptych PASS
11 Group of Six Japanese Shijo Paintings PASS
12 Two Antique Japanese Paintings PASS
13 Two Antique Japanese Woodblock Prints 40
14 Group of Various Japanese Paintings and Wood Blocks PASS
15 Group of Nine Various Japanese Ceramic Dishes 50
16 Group of 16 Various Japanese Ceramic 150
17 Large Group of Various Japanese Wood Architectural Elements PASS
18 Three Japanese Window Architectrual Elements PASS
19 Group of Three Japanese Woodblock Prints 125
20 Three Japanese Woodblock Prints 125
21 Group of 5 Antique Indian Metalworks PASS
22 Three Antique Indian Mortar and Pestles PASS
23 Two Antique Metal Nautical Items PASS
24 Two Antique Indian Bronzes PASS
25 Large Group of Antique Indian Metals PASS
26 Group of 5 Antique Indian Metal Fragments PASS
27 Group of Four Antique Indian Metal Vessels PASS
28 Large Group of Various Indian Metalworks PASS
29 Group of Six Various Indian Cooking Vessels PASS
30 Group of 6 Various Indian Metalworks PASS
31 Antique Indian Brass Kettle PASS
32 Two Large Chinese Hardstone Carvings PASS
33 Pair of Chinese Tang Dynasty Ceramic Figures PASS
34 Large Chinese Ming Dynasty Martaban PASS
35 Pair of Chinese Ming Dynasty Glazed Pottery Figures PASS
36 Two Large Chinese Early Style Celadon Glazed Vases PASS
37 Elaborate Chinese Han Dynasty Style Covered Vase PASS
38 Chinese Early Style Ceramic Figure PASS
39 Two Chinese Green Glazed Ceramic Jars PASS
40 Two Chinese Ming Dynasty Ceramic Dishes PASS
41 Chinese Ming Dynasty Glazed Dish PASS
42 Chinese Ming Dynasty Celadon Glazed Bowl PASS
43 Three Chinese Ming Dynasty Dishes PASS
44 Two Chinese Ming Dynasty Ceramic Bowls PASS
45 Two Chinese Ming Dynasty Blue & White Dishes PASS
46 Two Chinese Yixing Pottery Teapots PASS
47 Chinese Ceramic Glazed Tea Bowl PASS
48 Chinese Clair De Lune Glazed Ceramic Bowl PASS
49 Chinese Ceramic Bottle Vase PASS
50 Chinese Early Style Ceramic Male Statue PASS
51 Chinese Ceramic Glazed Pagoda 40
52 Pair of Antique Chinese Celadon Glazed Dishes PASS
53 Chinese Famille Verte Enameled Porcelain Jar PASS
54 Group of Antique Chinese Famille Rose Enameled Porcelain Export Style Plates PASS
55 Chinese Enameles Porcelain Vase PASS
56 Large Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Vase PASS
57 Large Chinese Porcelain Vase PASS
58 Chinese Blue & White Celadon Glazed Vase 125
59 Chinese Ochre Glazed Porcelain Vase PASS
60 Large Chinese Glazed Porcelain Vase PASS
61 Chinese Black Ground Porcelain Vase PASS
62 Chinese Famille Rose Enameled Porcelain Brush Pot PASS
63 Two Chinese Famille Fleur Porcelains 125
64 Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Fish Bowl 125
65 Three Chinese Ming Dynasty Porcelain Dishes PASS
66 Group of Five Ming Dynasty Blue & White Porcelain Dishes PASS
67 Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Rouleau Vase PASS
68 Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Rouleau Vase PASS
69 Chinese Blue & White Garlic Mouth Porcelain Vase PASS
70 Chinese Celadon Crackle Glazed Vase PASS
71 Chinese Red & White Meiping Porcelain Vase PASS
72 Chinese Enameled Porcelain Vase PASS
73 Chinese Celadon Crackle Glazed Vase PASS
74 Chinese Early Style Celadon Vase PASS
75 Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Dragon Vase PASS
76 Chinese Celadon Glazed Porcelain Vase PASS
77 Chinese Celadon Glazed Square Vase PASS
78 Chinese Blanc de Chine Porcelain Vase 100
79 Chinese Celadon Crackle Glazed Vase PASS
80 Chinese Famille Rose Enameled Porcelain Basin PASS
81 Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Vase PASS
82 Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Box PASS
83 Chinese Glazed Porcelain Vase PASS
84 Two Chinese Ming Dynasty Porcelain Dishes PASS
85 Two Chinese Ming Dynasty Porcelain Dishes PASS
86 Chinese Famille Rose Enameled Porcelain Export Style Saucer PASS
87 Two Chinese Ming Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Dishes PASS
88 Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Charger PASS
89 Chinese Celadon Glazed Vase PASS
90 Chinese Celadon Glazed Vase PASS
91 Chinese Porcelain Teapot PASS
92 Chinese Red & White Enameled Porcelain Vase PASS
93 Chinese Celadon Glazed Porcelain Planter PASS
94 Large Chinese Enameled Porcelain Parrot PASS
95 Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Vase PASS
96 Chinese Porcelain Teapot PASS
97 Chinese White Glazed Porcelain Vase PASS
98 Pair of Chinese Enameled Porcelain White Chargers PASS
99 Chinese Porcelain Vase PASS
100 Chinese Porcelain Imari-Style Dish PASS
101 Group of Thirteen Various Chinese Metalworks PASS
102 Antique Chinese Bronze Tripod Censor PASS
103 Chinese Bronze Beaker Vase PASS
104 Two Chinese Bronzes PASS
105 Chinese Metal Covered Censor PASS
106 Chinese Yellow Beijing Glass Bowl PASS
107 Chinese Gilt Wood Dragon Vase PASS
108 Group of Three Various Chinese Objects PASS
109 Chinese Gilt & Lacquer Covered Box PASS
110 Group of Various Antique Chinese Wood Objects PASS
111 Chinese Vase Mounted as Lamp PASS
112 Antique Chinese Side Table PASS
113 Chinese Wool Rug PASS
114 Wool Rug PASS
115 African Carved Wood Tribal Seat 175
116 Antique Indian Teapot PASS
117 Large Antique Mortar PASS
118 Antique Wood & Glass Reliquary PASS
119 Two Antique European Glasswares PASS
120 Two Antique Toby Jugs PASS
121 Group of Four Vintage Porcelain Vases PASS
122 Large Group of Various Beaded Purses PASS
123 Large Group of Twelve Various Table Objects PASS
124 Group of Five Various Boxes & Tea Caddies PASS
125 Antique Portuguese Porcelain Fruit Basket PASS
126 Antique German Stone Wear Jug PASS
127 Pair of Antique Gilt Porcelain Staffordshire Figures 30
128 Three Porcelain Plates PASS
129 Three Pieces of James Kent Old Foley Chinese Rose Porcelain PASS
130 Group of Four Stoneware Ceramics PASS
131 Pair of Carved Wood Room Dividers PASS
132 Framed Graphite PASS
133 Pair of Carved Wood Upholstered Armchairs PASS
134 Antique Queen Anne Desk PASS
135 Chinese Carved Hardwood Chair PASS
136 Chinese Wood & Glass Vitrine PASS
137 Large Wood Desk 125
138 Vintage Chippendale Style Chair PASS
139 Antique Chinese Wood Cabinet PASS
140 Four Various Decorative Objects PASS
141 Two Various Pedestals 40
142 Group of Six Various Wicker Baskets PASS
143 Pair of Vintage Lamps PASS
144 Large Chinese Wool Rug PASS
145 Chinese Wool Rug PASS
146 Antique Chinese Framed Robe Section PASS
147 Chinese Embroidered Silk Covering PASS
148 Chinese Wool Runner PASS
149 Chinese Wool Rug PASS
150 Chinese Wool Rug PASS
151 Chinese Wool Rug PASS
152 Chinese Wool Rug PASS
153 Chinese Wool Rug PASS
154 Chinese Wool Rug PASS
155 Chinese Wool Rug PASS
156 Antique Chinese Silk Embroidery PASS
157 Pair of Elaborate Antique Pewter Candlesticks PASS
158 Group of Various Signed Pottery Objects PASS
159 After Auguste Moreau PASS
160 Two Glazed Ceramics PASS
161 Two Decorative Metal Sculptures PASS
162 Two Mid-Century Sculpted Bronze Metal Figures PASS
163 Group of Assorted Vintage Metalworks PASS
164 Antique Porcelain Staffordshire King Charles Cavalier Spaniel PASS
165 Group of Ten Assorted Porcelain Wares PASS
166 Group of Four Assorted Vintage Glasswares PASS
167 Group of Seven Various Signed Prints PASS
168 Pair of Tall Gilt Metal Candlesticks PASS
169 Lot of Nine Assorted Porcelain Dishes PASS
170 Group of Four Various Ceramic Objects PASS
171 Two Antique Ships Pulleys PASS
172 Four Various Ceramic Pieces PASS
173 Lot of Six Crystal Objects PASS
174 Two Various Lamps PASS
175 Afghan Wool Sampler Rug PASS
176 Afghan Rug PASS